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Hospital Policies

Our hospital strives to provide the highest level of pet medicine possible. We believe that organization and communication play key roles in this goal. The following are policies we have developed to help everything run smoothly.


To ensure sufficient time for patients and procedures, we prefer that our clients make appointments for their visits. This allows us to plan our time to provide you with the best care while respecting your time. Emergencies will receive urgent attention and top priority, so appointments may be delayed on occasion. Call us at 203-263-4222 to make an appointment.

Missed Appointments

We do not double book appointments; the time we allocate for your appointment is yours alone. We do this to reduce your wait time and to allow for proper care for your animal. Though we do not charge a fee for missed appointments, we would greatly appreciate 24 hours advance notice if you intend to miss your scheduled appointment.

Patient Restraint

All pets, even the best-behaved, need to be restrained when they enter the hospital. This is for their own protection and for the protection of other clients and patients. Dogs should be on a leash and cats should be in a carrier. Please keep your pet under control while in the exam room.


Full payment is expected when services are rendered. We accept many forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, debit card, cash, and personal check with ID. We also give Senior and Military discounts.

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